Writing Workshop

I run a writing workshop with the goal of increasing the amount of Orthodox and ex-Orthodox stories marketed to a broad audience.

The workshop consists of:

  • YouTube video tutorials
  • monthly feedback on your writing
  • optional video meetings with me
  • optional text-based hangouts with other writers
  • guest authors and publishers

The workshop is free and flexible.

As of now, I am not charging for any of this because I am committed to the idea of helping these Orthodox and ex-Orthodox stories get told (see here for more of my thoughts on this topic.) This might change in the future if interest grows too big for me to handle without charge.

You can watch the YouTube videos on your own time and at your own pace, and you can skip monthly submissions whenever necessary. The workshop is totally asynchronous and can work on the schedule you need it to.

To sign up for the workshop, fill out an application.