My teaching style emphasizes individual learning and writing needs.

I have had much success with students with ADHD or students who have become frustrated and burned out from traditional writing programs.

My initial sessions with new students are spent getting to know the student’s individual styles and preferences so that I can tailor my lessons to best serve them.

I work primarily via Skype or Zoom for video sessions; for text-only sessions, I use Google Docs. I use Google Drive to store and organize texts and assignments, and I use Google Docs to comment on students’ writing without taking over.

I can work with other platforms like Microsoft Office Online, Microsoft Teams, or Google Hangouts, depending on individual need.

Sessions consist of a combination of activities based on each student’s individual strengths:

  • lecture
  • discussion
  • writing-to-learn activities
  • collaborative note-taking
  • formal writing.

Rate: $100/hour

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Areas we might cover:

Expository Writing

  • paragraph construction
  • introductions and conclusions
  • transitions
  • supporting details
  • organization
  • various genres (narrative, descriptive, persuasive, argumentative, etc)

Grammar and Mechanics

  • parts of speech
  • sentence structure
  • applied grammar
  • spelling
  • vocabulary building

Creative Writing

  • analysis of published short stories
  • analysis of published novels
  • analysis of published poetry
  • outlining skills
  • drafting skills
  • revising skills


  • texts traditionally taught in middle schools and high schools
  • texts tailored to student’s interests
  • themed units
  • annotation skills
  • literary analysis and essay-writing

Research Essays

  • building a research topic / question
  • finding sources
  • note-taking
  • synthesizing sources
  • outlining and drafting skills
  • revising skills

College Writing

  • understanding your professors’ assignments
  • time management
  • drafting skills
  • revising skills

Parent Testimonials

Dainy has been an absolutely transformative teacher for my 11-year-old daughter. They combine academic rigor and discipline with warmth, support, and encouragement. My daughter has blossomed as a writer, and has discovered new confidence and pride as a student.

Creative Writing Student, age 11

My daughter was very excited to show me her “new” way of organizing information. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your methodology and how grateful we are to you for your work.

I am amazed at her rate of improvement. She feels so much more confident and feels like she is really learning. I can’t thank you enough for your approach – what you are accomplishing with her is so beyond what I could have hoped.

Expository Writing Student, Age 10
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