Little Miss California Stereotype… and the BY Times

REVIEW: Artifacts of Orthodox Jewish Childhoods (Uri C. Cohen)

New Books Network interview with Dr. Schneur Zalman Newfield

Lego rabbis, Hasidic coloring books: How toy makers and publishers created an alternative Jewish universe (Review of Artifacts of Orthodox Jewish Childhoods by Andrew Silow-Carroll)

Photo by Omar Friedman

AJL: American Haredi Children’s Literature: Development and Literacies

The Jewish Study Center, Washington, D.C.: Book Talk: Artifacts of Orthodox Childhoods, featuring Wendy Love Anderson and Schneur Zalman Newfield

There’s Plenty of Room for Both Orthodox and Ex-Orthodox Stories (Hey Alma)

My Unorthodox Life

My ex-Orthodox life isn’t glamorous, but my story should be told (JTA)

Woman in headscarf

“It’s Just a Phase” — Bisexual and Ex-Orthodox Erasure in Netflix’s My Unorthodox Life (Autostraddle)

When Outsiders are not Outsiders: Enforcing Standards of Education in Hasidic Schools

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